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This month I am going to be blogging about some curriculum thoughts we have here in our family ministry at Grace Community Church. Six years ago we linked arms with a group of writers who had a new idea of how curriculum should function. After six years of working with the team at Orange we have learned so much about how to actually partner with our curriculum provider instead of just allowing them to send us material. We have discovered that curriculum moves from good to great when you actually embrace a strategy. When our family ministry team talks about curriculum we are always processing ideas with our strategy in mind. The team at Orange makes curriculum for every age group but first and foremost they are helping churches embrace strategy before material. With all that in mind I will be talking some about some curriculum ideas we have as a team, some reasons why we partner with the Orange team, and some ideas of how you create better curriculum if you write your own. This month you can try out the Orange experience for yourself for free. Click on the graphic here on this post and it will take you right to their website and you can check it all out for yourself. I know changing curriculum partners is difficult so this is your chance to ask questions, dream, and evaluate with no strings attached. I look forward to thinking curriculum with you this month!