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We have these dials we are trying to turn in the lives of teens…Wonder, Discovery, and Passion. Those are big ideas and big concepts and I am a big picture guy but at some point we have to move to the detail of what we are really going to speak into the lives of teens. This week at Bigstuf camp Reggie Joiner unpacked more of the detail behind the ideas of Wonder, Discovery, and Passion. There are nine basic ideas we are trying to communicate to teens on a regular basis. Why nine? Nine because we have to say what is most important the most. If we are able to wrap our teaching, mentoring, and small groups around communicating these ideas we have a chance to shape the world view of a teen for years to come. A world view that is shaped by mission, love of God, and love of others changes the future of teens…it shapes the choices they will make down the road which impacts the world directly. What could happen if we unleashed these principles on our students? What if we…

  • Incite Wonder / Design (we are intentional) Identity (you were made in the image of God) Connection (the God of the universe wants a relationship with you)
  • Inspired Discovery / Faith (relationship with Jesus) Transformation (tension that we are in process, we have not arrived) Truth (God has given truth and it can be a compass)
  • Fuel PassionCommunity (we are connected, we are a family and we are connected) Compassion (we are here to give and to go for others) Restoration (we can be a part of the solution)