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One of the best parts of taking high school students to Bigstuf is the opportunity for our leaders to be trained by Reggie Joiner. Sure the teens are having an amazing week but when you get to add the chance for our leaders to be invested in for three days it takes the camp experience to another level. Today Reggie helped our team process the idea of turning specific dials in the heart of the teens that we lead. There is so much we hope to accomplish in our short time with teens. If we are not intentional we end up trying to turn dials that are good but may not be the most important. Our goals are simple. We hope to help teens see God at work in the world around them so they desire to be a part of that bigger story. We hope to help teens follow Christ now and in the days to come as they become adults. We hope to help teens discover a faith that lasts well beyond our youth ministry. If these are our goals then here are a few dials that Reggie thinks we need to be turning…

  • Wonder / we are made for a relationship with God, with something that is bigger, we are drawn to what is supernatural, miraculous, or spiritual
  • Discovery / we are drawn to understand your own uniqueness and role in a bigger story, we all want to know more about ourselves and how our life connects with the story of Christ.
  • Passion / we are made to give our lives away, we are drawn to connect relationally and to rescue those who are hurting and broken