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I joined millions of people all over the globe and watched U2 live from the Rose Bowl last night. I can not believe I just typed that, I WATCHED U2 LIVE…ONLINE…AND FOR FREE…WITH MILLIONS OF PEOPLE…ON MY MAC! It was so incredible to see a band that I respect so much go for it totally live with no edits like other concerts we see rebroadcast. This was full on experience the moment and it was amazing to watch the technology come together to make it happen. Online video experiences are changing they way we are able to connect with people where they are at. Video tools are even changing the game in our church experience. We see video making a huge impact here in our own church as we allow people to look in and hear our messages from home or on the road when they can. (There is even and I phone app for that!) We are also able to use video to connect with leaders and parents on a different level as we train and inform. It is just my opinion that this experience shared last night by millions may be a game changer in the way bands connect with fans. HUGE thanks to U2 and Google for being willing to take this risk and take the tour to the people. It was a great online experience!