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This week we wrapped up our unique series at Grace Community and Ron talked about how we all have unique experiences that shape our life. We had everyone take home a small card with four simple questions on it so they could process their own story and how God is and has worked through their life. I thought I would work through these 4 here on the blog. Here goes…

List three negative experiences that have shaped your life.

  1. my parents divorce
  2. the loss of some close friends to cancer
  3. dealing with the consequences of sin in my own life (this would take a BOOK)

List three positive experiences that have shaped your life.

  1. marrying chelsea parks NOW chelsea bayne
  2. getting to parent kozbi and kelyn!
  3. growing up with parents who love Jesus

List three spiritual experiences that have shaped your life.

  1. salvation and learning what it means to follow Christ!
  2. having the chance to mentor and invest in the lives of teenagers
  3. finally embracing the fact God called me to innovate and create as I serve the church

Describe how you think God could use those experiences to bring Himself glory.
When I look back at all my experiences He has prepared me to be right where I am now. God has prepared me for this moment in my life. For the first time I am surrounded not just by people who go to my church but real people, living real life, in this city. It is very cool to be able to invest in those around me and learn with them what it means to follow Christ.

Really every situation, every problem, every relationship, every good and every bad is all to shape and mold my life for God. I look back at everything and understand God has had a plan and my choices have not surprised Him. It is amazing how God uses the past to get us ready for the next adventure we will face. I am so thankful God can use my good and bad.

Have fun if you want to do this short homework project. Ron, good job Sunday! Thanks for being open with us about your life and pointing us to follow after Jesus with our life.