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Training, equipping, and encouraging our volunteer leaders is a challenge. Our volunteers are busy! They face work and family demands that leave them spinning. They are passionate about kids and families so they serve here at Grace Community Church in Grace Acres or Cross Street, but when you talk about training it can be difficult to find the perfect time. What we have discovered is that there is no perfect time for training so whenever you plan to invest in your leaders make sure it is excellent. We think we have an amazing experience planned for our volunteers at our first Revolution Conference. We are asking all our volunteers in children and preschool environments to get away on Saturday, August 21 for a day of inspiration and renewal. When we talk about all our volunteers we mean all…check-in, small group, large group, worship leader, storyteller, every week, every other week, once a month, veteran or new volunteer…whatever you do to serve here at GCC with kids we have thought about you and how to help you take the next step forward as you serve! We know you wonder why you should sign up so here are a few reasons…

  1. Our staff wants to spend a day INVESTING IN YOU! You are our greatest asset in ministry and we want to say thank you!
  2. The conference is FREE and this is an experience people would pay to attend! This is our gift to you as a leader.
  3. We are going to have fun. We work with kids, we know how to have fun!
  4. We are going to help you be a better leader.
  5. Carey Nieuwhof is our speaker, you need to check out his book and blog at
  6. You will get to meet tons of other volunteers who work with kids and have the chance learn from each other.
  7. We are gonna give away FREE STUFF.

We want you to sign up today, just hit and let us know you are coming!