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Saturday morning and we are about to head out for a week at Surf City, NC. Yea that is where we go every year and we simply love the beach in North Carolina, it is worth the drive! Sure we have all the beach stuff packed but here is what I am bringing so I can fully get my chill on…

  1. lots of Diet Dew (24 oz. bottles of course)
  2. 3 books to read (The Travelers Gift, Parenting Beyond Your Capacity, and Primal)
  3. My ipod touch packed with way too many Andy Stanley leadership podcasts I have missed!
  4. The TENT, I am the guy who loved the tent at the beach so I can READ after I go crazy playing with the girls!
  5. The portable grill // got to be ready to eat good!
  6. flip flops // seriously that is all I have packed!
  7. our Wii // gonna beat the new Mario Brothers!

Looks like I am ready to go! More importantly our family is pumped about hanging out the next few days. We are ready to make some memories!