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Howdy from vacation, it is a great part of vacation, all the kids are a asleep and we are about to play cards…what else is vacation for but to play cards. We have had an incredible day one and two here in Surf City NC…koz and kelyn love the beach, they have played hard both days…got to grill fresh, caught yesterday grouper tonight – WOW…I have had my phone off all day, did turn it on to check messages and send a text but OFF all day, I had no idea what time it was all day. Good times…hope to get some pictures up on Tuesday, I left the camera in the car today BUT hey, I am off so it is no big deal. Big plans for tomorrow, same as everyday. We go to beach, eat and sleep…that is about it. Maybe i will post a pic of me eating. I did run yesterday, just wanted to let Chad know, my pastor and my health trainer! YES!

I did miss church yesterday – it is so amazing to be on vacation and miss CHURCH. This is a first in ministry. I usually am so stressed I need to run from church but I missed it this week. Just seemed funny to be bummed about missing, HA! Chelsea and I both laughed about it, we love connecting with folks at GCC way too much. Maybe we are making things too much fun, better get SERIOUS quick. I did hear it was an amazing day back home and that Ron hit a home run. We had 400 people sign up for operation serve – WOW