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We have worked, prayed and planned for this night for over a month and it is here. Tonight we gather around music but for a cause. The Viva Catie Concert is one night where we gather together to raise support for the Lance Armstrong Foundation and fight cancer. Catie Summers was a friend that discovered she had cancer in middle school. She fought the disease with passion and vigor until she lost the battle in her Junior year of High School. Catie is in heaven now and completely healed but for those left behind she showed us how to live every moment to the fullest. Catie also believed he could beat this disease and she did beat all the odds, continue to go to school, raise money for cancer research, hang out with her friends, and enjoy life. Tonight this concert is for Catie and for all those who have battled this disease. This is a donation only show and all proceeds from cafe will be donated also! The Daniel Doss Band, Mike’s Chair, the remix band, and Will Mckelvey will all be performing tonight and we hope to see you there also. For more info click on the graphic above to go to