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It is so amazing to watch God work in the lives of our volunteers. One of the secrets to having great volunteer team is to support them, serve them, and live life with them. I love our volunteers at GCC and there is nothing better than watching them grow spiritually. Serving should always be a joy and should lead to growth in the lives of our volunteers. We have to help our volunteers find community and serve at the same time. The goal is balance. Our job is to help them serve and grow not to USE them to make our programs work better. These are PEOPLE that God loves more than we do. An overworked volunteer will not thrive if they cannot BELONG in community because they are always busy with church work. (done ranting)

Got this from a volunteer’s blog in our church (she and her husband are amazing). This is a couple that is active in our community and in our church and they have done well maintaining balance. Listen to them talk about the GCC experience…this is what it is about!

Grateful for a church that I can grow in marriage and friendship, etc. From day 1, I felt that Scott and I were people…not just numbers. We have been embraced with kindness and love…and cherish all that God has provided to us through being active members at Grace. Although I am a traditionalist at heart, I truly appreciate the non-traditional setting. Yes! You can worship in flip-flops! Yes! It is possible to not necessarily be caught up in the ‘law’ of church…and just be. Come as you are and worship the God who adores you. Such freedom to love God…without being so caught up in ‘tradition.’ Being members of such a strong community has changed my heart and my life.

I am most thrilled to be raising Chandler in the Grace setting. I’m excited to teach her that God loves her no matter what and that she can find true community within our church.

Acts 4: 20For we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.”