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Our volunteers directly reflect our leadership. I really believe this idea is true. I also believe that everyone can improve in their leadership ability with volunteers. You have to live and learn but you can improve. So how do we get better at leading our volunteer teams? One way is to practice saying some things OVER AND OVER AND OVER…

  • THANK YOU…say it, write it, email it, text it publicly and privately with your volunteers. I know I should not have to say this to anyone but I DO because I amazed at how many people do not say THANKS enough. Say it! Your volunteers need and want to hear it.
  • WHAT DO YOU THINK…yes your volunteers want to have a voice and they have things to say you need to hear. When you can, get feedback and input about ministry direction.
  • HERE IS THE PLAN…your team needs to have info! Work hard to keep your team up to date with info. Your volunteers need to be the first to know important ministry news, let them always have the inside scoop when you can.
  • THIS IS WHY WHAT YOU DO IS IMPORTANT…your volunteers must be told the vision of your ministry over and over and over because as our Andy Stanley says, VISION LEAKS. Share the big why of your ministry as much as possible with your team.
  • GOOD JOB…let your volunteers know what they are doing well! It will open the door for an open heart when you have bring instruction and there will plenty of instruction times.
  • I AM SORRY…this is huge, so huge! This goes a long way with any volunteer and helps them say the same thing when mistakes are made. When you are wrong say SORRY!