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Spent most of this week working on mission trip details for our high school mission trip to New Orleans. As you can tell if you follow this blog, I am off rhythm with my posting schedule. There is just a ton to do and blogging has been moved a little down on the priority list. This will be our third year serving in New Orleans. We have learned so many lessons from our time in New Orleans about how to make a mission experience work. One of the most important aspects of a great week is getting the right people on the team. For us mission trip = humble service. We take students who are already serving at Grace Community Church. When we see teens already serving on a weekly basis or we find teens that might move in that direction we add them to the team. We also make sure we have a team of adult leaders who are ready to serve the teens on our team and serve the kids in New Orleans. Most of why this week works for us has nothing to do with my leadership and everything to do with 6 adult leaders who are TALENTED and bring amazing organizational and teaching ability to the table. We keep this team small because the goal is to make a difference in New Orleans and we need to be flexible in order to make that happen. If you want to make the most out of your mission experience get the right students and leaders on the team and set them loose to serve!