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Ministries that are stuck are ministries that resist change. We want momentum, we look for it, we pray for it but many of us have not accepted that sustained momentum must be linked to constant change. As leaders we have to be willing to tweak, improve, and reinvent what we do and how we do it so we can best invest in the people we lead. If you are hoping for momentum then get ready to make some changes and lead through the conflict that brings. Change leads to conflict, which leads to health, which leads to growth, that results in momentum. Change is a constant process. Here are some thoughts on change from my friend Reggie Joiner that I think can help you process your next step…

  • People change when the pain associated with the status quo becomes greater than the pain associated with the change!
  • When you get to the place in your ministry when you are operating off your memory and not your imagination you are in trouble / Mark Batterson
  • If you want to build something that lasts you have to be willing to change what you build!
  • Sometimes we get so consumed with not causing pain to our current leaders through change that we forget about the people we will never reach if we do not change.
  • The best way to keep a team moving toward the mission is to frequently upgrade your systems.
  • The churches that refuse to change are the ones threatening the mission!
  • Every change gives us the opportunity to decide what is core and what is cultural! Relevant – connecting something eternal to the matter at hand!
  • So many times we just patch old systems with new upgrades and they just do not match, we add upgrades that do not fit the old system

Why do you resist change in your ministry? When have you seen change bring momentum?