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We are so excited about what God is doing at Grace Community Church here in Clarksville. In four years we have seen God do unexplainable things in the lives of people. It has been an amazing adventure. We have been a church on the move since our first day. We have had the joy of watching God provide the right space for us to gather week to week and we have learned the art of flexibility! We have really maximized our space at Rossview High (3 services on Sunday morning!) and we are moving toward…are you ready…hold on…BUILDING! It is hard to believe but God has delivered the right property and we finally have a peace about building. Yes we thought at one time we may never build. God has given our team a peace and we are moving forward with this new phase in the life of GCC. With building’s come DISTRACTION from the mission. I am having to work hard to guard how I am praying right now. My heart cannot be aimed at a facility more than focused on Jesus! This morning I was praying about the future gathering place of GCC and God reminded me…pray for lives to be changed, pray for families to follow after Christ, pray for broken people to find healing, pray for the good of the city, pray Jesus will be lifted high in all our ministries week in and week out. Should we pray for God to provide this facility…YES. We also should constantly make sure our hearts are seeking after things that are MOST IMPORTANT. What we are praying for matters and reveals what we care about the most…I am praying God gets the Glory in this future facility and we get there with the same passion to serve our city we had when we met at our first facility four years ago.