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This week if just a little different…well it is simply crazy. I call it the week of chaos and these weeks tend to show up once or twice a year. I have a friend who suddenly got the news that his fiance was in a car wreck and passed away. I have another friend who is fighting for his marriage. I have worked with a few teens in the middle of crisis. Chelsea and I found out the transmission in our 2007 Ford Freestyle was jacked and we had to get a new vehicle. This has been a week where nothing seems quite right. These kind of weeks come not matter what we do. This is life. We all have these kind of weeks. It’s in these times when I am reminded of the importance of working ahead, planning ahead, and leading through a team. When a chaotic week hits adjustments have to be made and it is in those seasons that we see if we are really empowering a team or if we are leading solo. I am going to make it through this week because of last week and the great team around me. You never know when your chaotic week is going to come. Work ahead, plan, and choose to empower other leaders around you!