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  • new series at GCC was great! Go check out to see the logo…good job Ron, and creative team for leading us Sunday. It was great to see our team press on and launch a new series on a day when it is easy to mail it in for the usual thanksgiving talk. Good job!
  • Cross Street Live (Dec. 7 at 5:30 / is coming together. The set is looking amazing. I am so thankful for the job Jim Wilcox is doing leading this effort. Our folks have really done a great job making this come together. CSL is going to be amazing!
  • Got to lead in Cross Street this Sunday with Nate Edmondson, it is always cool to see kids connect with God. Church should be the best stop of a kids week. WHY DOES CHURCH HAVE TO BE BORING? It does not have to be, our God is amazing! I am thrilled to serve at an exciting church where adults, teens, and kids love coming to church!
  • We have a break at REMIX this week but we finish our LOVESICK series Dec. 3 with a talk back session where teens get to ask questions, YES they get to talk and we get to answer, could be dangerous!
  • It was fun to speak at First Baptist Owensboro for D-Now. Matt mason has done a great job leading that student ministry.
  • Got to go see Madagascar 2 with the family Sunday. It was great, I laughed out loud so many times.
  • MTSU wins, Vols beat Vandy, Titans forget to show up. I forgot what losing on Sunday was like. it is no fun. The Jets looked really good…they have the Patriot offense working. Hope Titans get another shot.
  • I am really ready for the break this week. I have had the chance to speak a ton this month and work on the CSL launch…mentally I am tried baby! TIRED!
  • Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I am so thankful for so many things…will blog later!