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Look who showed up at the Grace Community Church office…CRISS CROSS! Criss Cross is our new mascot for our kids ministry here at GCC. This Sunday we get to see Criss Cross in action and our team is pretty excited to see how our kids respond to this crazy dog. As far as I know we are the first church in our area to make this move and we know some folks may wonder why we would add a mascot to our environment. This was a long process and our entire team put our heads together to figure out if we should bring Criss Cross to life. When we looked at how mascots and characters are used at Disney World, Chick-fil-A, and other organizations we felt like it was a natural fit for our ministry here. There were not other churches to look to when it came to mascots soooooo we just had to try. Criss Cross is going to be a part of our monthly family experience called Cross Street Live,  around the church weekly as kids arrive, in the office working to pester Ron Edmondson, and in the community at events we help sponsor. We are pretty excited so be ready…you never know where Criss Cross may show up!