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At the Orange Conference Andy Stanley and Perry Noble spent 40 minute talking about the communication process in the churches they lead. Something that Andy said hit my heart and is one of those statements that I think will stick with me for years to come as I communicate. Andy said…

“We should care more about the audience than how we look or how we “do” speaking” (this is paraphrased!)

How many times do I work on my talk with the idea of DOING WELL at the forefront of my mind as I prepare? How many time have I asked after a talk, how did I do? Too many! We have to begin to care about how God works in the hearts of the people we are communicating to rather than being the BEST SPEAKER EVER or the BEST WORSHIP LEADER EVER or the BEST COMMUNITY GROUP LEADER. Should we strive for excellence? YES! Should we put the time in to do a great job when we speak? YES! But, we cannot allow our minds to be more concerned with our performance over God’s work in the heart’s of the people. All of us who speak have to be reminded of this because we feed off of performance and feedback. Study hard, prepare hard, pray hard and then go to your audience and speak with passion as you rely on God to do His part. Less of US and more of God…that is the right equation as we prepare to speak each week.