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What are you dreaming about when it comes to the ministry you lead? A few years ago I heard Andy Stanley remind leaders at the Catalyst Conference that when the memories of the past are bigger than your dreams for the future the end is near. God works and breathes life into our ministries as we dream and imagine what could be possible.

Dreams matter because they shape the direction of our ministries. We are dreaming about advancing the Kingdom of God so why not dream big?

My daughter picked up a book from the library this week that chronicles the early drawings and ideas of Jim Henson who created The Muppets. She showed me the book and I was blown away by the original ideas and direction for characters like Beaker and Kermit the Frog. Over time Jim was able to hone and perfect what each character would be but they started with dreams of what might be possible. Henson’s ideas about TV and puppets change everything and created an entire new type of character that we would follow for years to come. The most inspiring thing about this book brought home from the library was that dreams can become a reality.

Forget your current context and take time to dream about what could be possible in the ministry you lead. Your dreams shape the direction of your ministry so dream God size dreams that only God can get credit for!