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Swerve is a blog I continually gain insight from. Craig Groeschel is an amazing pastor an leader here in the United States and someone you need to look into and learn from. If you are a leader you have to be a learner and this is a guy has some amazing insight. I am so passionate about shaping organizations and creating environments and I have always felt it is small to define what we are by screaming to others what we are not and throwing rocks at other organizations. Go add to your blog list and enjoy…check this post out from Craig, GREAT thought!

Who Cares What You’re Not?

from : swerve by Craig Groeschel

While traveling, I listened to podcasts from three of the most well respected pastors in the U.S. All three started by explaining what their church was not. I’ll paraphrase what they said.

Pastor One: “We never water down our message. We don’t preach a seeker sensitive message.”

Pastor Two: “How many of you have been to boring, dead, traditional churches? Churches like that shouldn’t even exist! I’ve got some news for you! We’re not your grandma’s church!”

Pastor Three: “We don’t preach topical-feel-good, entertainment sermons at this church. Most churches are into tickling ears and making people feel good about themselves, but that’s not us!”

My Rant: I’m thrilled you are passionate about your style of teaching and church! It is very likely a true reflection of your gifts and calling. I pray God blesses your church in every way.

But don’t build your church on what you’re not!

If you do, you’re training the people at your church to believe your way is best and everyone else’s is inferior. Who cares what you’re not?! Be who you are without making others look like they are less.