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Kristen Ivey from RETHINK and Kevin Ragsdale from North Point Community church led this session on WHAT SMALL GROUP leaders in student ministry need to DO. Great session with some great thoughts. Relevant team, get ready to hear this again in August as we get ready for our next season of REMIX!

Why small groups…
Small groups multiply the ministry happening TO KIDS, there is not one minster there are MANY ministers called group leaders.

Small group ministry provides stability and ensures stable change. Small group ministry take the personality factor out of youth ministry.

Small group ministry grows ministry beyond the YOUTH PASTOR.

5 essentials of a group leader
Commit to a JOURNEY
It is hard to measure because it is GRADUAL! It will take time to see growth in the life of a teen.

You can learn to identify moments of spiritual growth / PHASES
Life changing TRUTH,

Fill up FIRST
You fuel what God wants to do through you when you cooperate with what God wants to do IN you!

Spend time on THEIR TURF
It is a relationship not a position that gives you influence.
Its understanding not knowledge that gives you leadership.
Time together creates context for relationship!
Are you committed to volunteering at CHURCH or mentoring a group of teens?
TEENS have to be convinced that you care about THEM AS A PERSON.

1 Thessalonians 2:8 (NLT)
8 We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too. s 2:8

Partner with PARENTS
Small group leaders maximize potential when they partner with parents!
Group leaders have temporary leadership but parents have lifelong influence!
EVERY teen needs reminder of the significance of parents
Every parent needs a reminder of seeking right relationship with their son or daughter.

You win the heart of a parents when the parents knows you have been an advocate for the family!

Keep it REAL

When you create an atmosphere of acceptance you build healthy and authentic relationship.
AUTHENTIC leading is NOT A TELL ALL of our mistakes but a filtered authentic relationship…
We are not just FRIENDS, we are mentors, guides ALSO we are not another PARENT, tension is good!