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We start a new series at REMIX (our student environment) tonight called PAUSE. How do we stop in the midst of constant interaction, communication, activity, entertainment, responsibility, and congestion to discover, listen to, and connect with God. In my own life I need this series. I know the teens that are involved with Relevant need it. We all seem to live in constant motion and when things slow down we do not like who we are or where we are. I am pumped to see how the series works in our lives over the next three weeks. This is the LENT season and it is a 40 day period for people to go without something significant in their life to better hear and relate to God. One of my favorite bloggers, Anne Jackson, is giving up her blog and Facebook for 40 days. The goal is not look spiritual or important, if you read Anne’s blog will see how authentic he is, the goal is to PAUSE. I grew up in a Baptist church so this Lent season is a new concept to me but it 100% connects with the idea of taking a PAUSE.

What do you do to PAUSE in your busy life? For me the reality of God and what matters in life are most apparent when I PAUSE to invest in my family. Music is a huge part of my effort to PAUSE in life. I am very driven person so the next thee weeks of this series are going to be important for me personally. I need to get better at slowing down so I have more “head space” to relate to God. It is going to be a fun series!

For any of you student pastors out there, we partner with XP3 for creative content and series direction. I have loved working with the xp3 team because of their value placed on small groups in youth ministry. I have learned the art of collaboration in order to be a better servant to the kids I lead each week. Go check out XP3.