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It has been fun to watch our staff grow here at Grace Community Church. We have worked hard to bring people onto the team who will help our ministries advance. Staff is always added to help make ministry dreams become a reality with the help of our amazing volunteers here at GCC. We are in a partnership with our volunteers. We believe our volunteers are as called to ministry as any of us on staff and we work hard to link arms as we serve together.

Last week we spend some time in our staff meeting asking this question. What does a staff member of GCC need to look like? I loved some of these responses. Our people form our leadership culture! What are the values of people who work here…check out some of the responses and we started by saying we must always be people passionate for Jesus and dedicated to our families, check out these other values we want to characterize our team…

  • motivated
  • they have a servant’s heart
  • trustworthy
  • team player
  • warrior spirit
  • enduring
  • flexible
  • people of integrity
  • grace giving
  • healthy (emotionally spiritually and physically)
  • authentic
  • forward thinking
  • have a desire for excellence
  • accessible
  • ability to say NO
  • fun