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The gap between one Sunday and the next is an eternity in the life of a child or teenager. In that gap our children see us for who we really are. They see how we respond to their mistakes…they see us make mistakes…they see what we think is important. For many families there is never a time to slow down and refocus. Without an intentional plan we never bring our faith into their everyday flow of our home. Our hope here at Grace Community is to provide some tools that help you as a parent find that weekly time to refocus and remind everyone what is most important.

  • In our preschool ministry we give parents a monthly guide to help parents know how to connect with their kids in the car, when they are playing, at bedtime, and at meal times! Suggestions are always fun and at natural times where kids are ready to talk.
  • In our K-5 environment we give parents God Time Cards to help guide 4 days of discussion during the week. Our family uses this card at breakfast and wow…it is an amazng reminder for us of the virtue each month and gives us a chance to read the Bible together.
  • In our student ministry we email out a summary of what we talked about in our worship gathering and small groups every week. We hope this keeps parents in the loop and provides some natural questions to ask their teen.

The goal with each of these tools is simple…CONNECT WHAT HAPPENS ON SUNDAY WITH NORMAL LIFE. Time set aside to be intentional with our faith allows us to refocus on what is most important. What is your family plan?