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This morning we asked Our families at Grace Community to Go Orange! You know I love my Tennessee Volunteers but we were not asking them to become Vols fans. We asked parents to partner with us at church to invest in the lives of their children. We believe that 2 combined influences can do more than one influence alone. When the church (yell0w) and the family (red) combine their effort we call that GOING ORANGE. The greatest influence in a kid’s life are parents. The church has a chance to be a powerful influence in the life of the entire family. When we work together and work hard to move in the same direction the family and church can make a powerful team. Today we shared three ways that we can partner…ways the church and the family can work together…

  • SHOW UP // we hope parents will make GCC a regular part of their weekly routine and at GCC we promise to work hard to create amazing environments where the family can connect with God. Church should be one of the best few hours of the families lives each week!
  • TAKE IT HOME // the next level of partnership comes when the family lives their faith out in the home. We promise to provide tools that help the family talk about what the church is teaching their kids each week. Most parents just need help knowing where to start. We will give you tools each week in all our environments!
  • TAKE THE NEXT STEP // this is where parents go the extra mile to connect with their kids. At GCC we will provide a family experience called Cross Street Live so kids (k-5) and parents and worship together once a month. We will also help fuel parents with ideas of cool traditions they can establish in their home to help take the NEXT STEP to connect!

To all of you who are a part of GCC, we are excited to see what GOING ORANGE will mean in the lives of your kids in the years to come. Our hope is together we can help kids gain a spiritual foundation that we just never had. If you want to learn more about our environments for kids go check out and for teens check out

To listen to the GO ORANGE message from Sunday click on the GO ORANGE logo! For an deeper look at how the church can partner with the family check out Reggie Joiner’s book called THINK ORANGE and get ready to be blown away with the possibility of what Going Orange can mean for the church and family.