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Like many of you my mind is filled with everything our staff needs to prepare for the biggest Sunday of the year at our church. The to-do list is pretty long as we all work hard to make sure everything is ready for the people who will worship with us this Sunday. Our team is so excited and your team probably is too but in the midst of getting ready it’s so easy to forget that if God does not move in power then all is in vain. How sad to prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and trust in our own strength and ability. I hate to say that I have fell into that trap before. Let’s remember to spend as much passion praying for God to move on Easter Sunday as we put into preparing for Easter Sunday. Here are a few things I am praying for as we near Easter Sunday…

  1. I’m praying that churches all across our city will be filled with people who do not know Jesus as their savior and see hope for the first time.
  2. I’m praying that our church will never get over the resurrection of Jesus.
  3. I’m praying that kids will be amazed by the power of Jesus as they hear their large group leaders share it.
  4. I’m praying people all across out city will become followers of Jesus Sunday.
  5. I’m praying that God will empower all of us to invite our friends and neighbors to celebrate Easter with us.
  6. I’m praying that every communicator in our city will lift Jesus high and nothing else.
  7. I’m praying that God will use our worship team to help our church see just a glimpse of the greatness of our God.
  8. I’m praying that God will give every volunteer serving Sunday clarity so they can see how what they do matters in the Kingdom of God.
  9. I’m praying that we will be able to see the power of God work in the middle of the circumstances we face this week.
  10. I’m praying that God will be honored in everything that happens Sunday as we celebrate his BIGGER and BETTER plan for all of humanity in Jesus Christ!

That’s what I am praying this week. Not gonna have much time to blog because of Easter prep. I am praying you will join me in praying with as much passion as I try to prepare. God has big plans!