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What makes a good day? What makes a day a success or failure? I am beginning to discover that the best days are not consumed with getting my list of tasks finished but rather packed with paying attention to opportunities with people. Yes, one on one conversations…yes the kind that mess up a schedule and keep productivity low. Yes time away from my planned activities. Spending a few minutes with a team member at work that needs direction on their project. Jumping on the trampoline with my daughter. Making my mind be fully present in a meeting and not drifting to the next task I need to work on. Hanging out with someone who pops in the office to talk. Taking time to head to an unplanned lunch with a friend who needs to talk

So many day I get to the end of these people packed days and look at my list of stuff that I needed to accomplish and feel failure. In reality I was just responding to the opportunities God put in front of me. I just feels like I am off track with my plan but I have valued what God values supremely…people. I can not get over how much God loves us, He loves people. God has called me to love Him and love others. I Corinthians 13 talks about love, and what love looks like when aimed at others. If that is love then I have to be living that out to those God places in my daily path.

Its messy but it might be the greatest investment…the people investment. well, got to go and catch up on other TASKS…yea they still have to be done.