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What are you doing to develop yourself as a leader? Not the volunteers you lead or the people involved in your ministry…YOU. So many times we are so focused on serving others that we forget to make a plan to develop our own heart, leadership ability, ministry direction. If you want a healthy organization and you are the leader you better seek out personal health. Jesus asked his followers what good it was to gain the entire world but loose your soul. I wonder how many of us are dying on the inside, and I wonder how many of us would be in a better place if we had a personal development plan. For those of you leading kids, teens, or college students/ministries I hope you will check out YouLead this month. YouLead is a development plan for people serving the next generation and trying to think orange at the same time. This month it is totally free and wide open for a test drive. I hope you will check it out with me and let me know what you think. While I am talking about it here are 5 strategies I am using to maintain my personal health as a leader…

  • I am IN COMMUNITY >> I am in a community group and I have accountability with several guys on my staff at church. We need people in our lives who are not looking to us for spiritual direction. I also make sure I am going to the worship service as much as possible at church. I know it can get hectic when you are doing ministry with kids or teens but we need to be a part of church not just work at church!
  • I am READING >> I am always reading, always have a book I am tracking with, always trying to read other blogs. When I read I am being influenced by other leaders.
  • I go to CONFERENCES >> I am a conference guy. I love learning from other people doing ministry. I use conference time to connect with other leaders, refocus, and evaluated.
  • I give God SPACE >> I work hard to block out time to be with God daily. I know that should be normal but I am shocked at how many leaders are on autopilot with their time with God. My prayer time and Bible reading are a big deal to me personally and the people I lead.
  • I go HOME >> time with my family helps me stay focused and what matters most. I am a husband and dad first…leader at work second.