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trafficlightsThis past week I spent some time at Leadership Network connecting with leaders from around the country processing global missions and how our churches could me more effective as we strive to fulfill the Great Commission. One of my favorite parts of the week was time spent in a exercise called Red, Yellow, and Green light. The idea is simple…

What do we stop doing? (red light)

What do we need to tweak? (yellow light)

What do we need to start? (green light)

Most of the time we spend so much time starting new things that we forget to ever evaluate or simply stop anything we have done in the past. One of the most important things you can do as a leader is stop programs and initiatives as often as you start new ones. Several times a year you need to step back and seriously decide what you are going to stop.

When we stop at a red light we are allowing other traffic to move in a different direction. When we stop “stuff” in our ministry we are allowing energy and focus to move in a new direction. Choosing to stop something that might even be good can allow you for focus on an option that is simply better.

Sometime this month step back and ask yourself what you are going to stop, tweak, and start.