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Every week I go to Grace Community and I am blown away by the stuff God allows us to pull off week to week. I have to say, our volunteers blow it out of the water every week and really help pull off some an incredible worship experience for adults, teens, kids, and preschoolers. How do we do it? We focus and keep it simple. We have realized that we cannot be all things to all people here in our city. We cannot empower or fund every ministry idea. We cannot take on every new idea that comes to us from passionate people. Our goal is to do a few things well instead of a bunch of stuff half way. At GCC we are passionate about creating environments for people to gather to worship God, helping people discovery community through small groups, and empowering people to serve in our church, our city, and our world. We have to do those three things well in every environment we have at GCC. These three goals have to be evident in our preschool area just like they are present for the adult ministries here. Keeping it simple and staying focused helps us to give our best each week. When you are focused even your “off weeks” can maintain effectiveness. This priciple is so evident in the fast food market. Chick-fil-a and Five Guys are simple and have focus. McDonalds and Hardees try to do everything. Which kind of fast food place to people talk about? Our ministries are trying to have focus like Chick-fil-a…lets do what we do with excellence. The things we choose not to do at Grace Community help us to what God has called us to do in our city. What about the ministry you lead…are you trying to do too much? Are you keeping it simple? What do you need to stop doing in order to move forward?