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finishedeaster650x269In just a few days we will kick off our 2014 Easter celebration here at Grace Community Church. We get really excited about Easter around here because it’s one of 2 times a year, Christmas being the other, where the entire world slows down to celebrate Jesus. We get excited about that idea and our team spends hundreds of hours prepping to make our celebration be everything it can be. We feel like it’s worth our entire focus and honestly I can’t wait for people in our city to see what we have been planning. I won’t share any secrets but I promise if you attend Easter at Grace you are going to know our one focus is making much of Jesus.

Starting Saturday night at 6PM on our Rossview Campus we will kick off the first of 7 services for the weekend and there are several specific things we are praying and if you are a part of our spiritual family we ask you to be praying with us…

  1. That God will open up doors for us to invite people around us to experience Easter at Grace. (Every invite matters…text, email, call, invite card, social media post! They all matter!)
  2. That every person who walks on our Kenwood or Rossview campus will sense the presence of God.
  3. That people will not see a performance from our band but rather a team of worshipers pointing everyone to Christ.
  4. That God will help people hear the message of Jesus with clarity through both Adam Dressler & Brandon Reed.
  5. That many people will turn to Christ as savior!
  6. That many people will renew their focus and allow Jesus to actually lead their life and not just be a part of their life.
  7. That people will discover a church where they can actually start over.
  8. That kids and preschoolers will have an amazing experience in their environments and hear the message of Jesus with clarity.
  9. That God will remove distractions and allow people to be engaged Saturday and Sunday.
  10. That God will move in amazing ways in churches all across our city!

If we want to see God do amazing things this year in our Easter services we have to slow down and invite God to do that through prayer. Thanks for taking time to pray for what God is going to do this weekend at Grace Community!

Remember our service times this weekend are…

Rossview Campus (meets at Rossview High)

Saturday, April 19th @ 6pm (childcare for birth-PreK only)

Sunday, April 20th @ 7:45*, 9:00, 10:30, and Noon

* 7:45 am service will be a family service. There will be no children’s environments for this service.

Kenwood Campus (meets at Kenwood High)

Sunday, April 20th @ 9:00 & 10:30 am

Online Campus (

Sunday, April 20th @ 10:30 am