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What’s your relationship with technology? That’s the question we will be asking students at Relevant Student Ministry the next three weeks as we dive into the BABEL series. Why name the series Babel? In Genesis 11 we see a group of people take the technology of the day (bricks) and use it to show God up. The story does not end very well but I think we can learn something from these Babylonians of the past when it comes to how we use technology today. Every one of us are immersed in the use of technology. Our cars, our homes, our cell phone, our laptop, our schools are all hubs of technology. Technology in not “good or bad” but how we use it can have a dramatic impact on our lives and those around us. The next three weeks we are going to be asking our students what kind of relationship they have with technology. Here are three questions we are asking each other tonight. I thought they were good questions for all of us, not just our students at Relevant…

  • Are you using technology for good or evil?
  • Are you allowing technology to have too much ownership of your time and attention?  
  • Have you allowed technology to become your life and in some ways replace God?