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We were asked this week what we were most excited about since Grace Community launches it’s second campus this Sunday in the Kenwood community of Clarksville. There are many aspects of doing ministry in north Clarksville that excite me but what really inspires me is the idea of families plugging into GCC Kenwood and finding a church that the entire family is excited about partnering with. Something special happens when mom, dad, and kids get stoked about church. When families choose to partner with the church as a regular part of their week suddenly the direction of a family can change. When mom, dad, and the kids get excited about Sunday morning what happens at church begins to invade that space in our life we call home. We have have the joy of watching families enjoy church together every single week of the year and at Kenwood we get to partner with brand new families. When people enjoy something the are automatically more open to learning, questioning, processing, laughing, and growing. When families enjoy church God has much more room to do what God wants to do in the life of a family. We have worked hard to build a church environment where families can actually have fun on Sundays. Sure we talk about difficult truth many weeks but who said it can’t be engaging at the same time? Kenwood families…we can’t wait to meet you in the coming year. We hope your family enjoys coming to church every week as much as we enjoy partnering with you as a church!