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When do you need a curriculum partner? Right now! Don’t get me wrong, I love that so many kids and student pastors are creating amazing curriculum for the ministries they lead. We create some great stuff with our team here at Grace Community but one idea we embrace is that the right curriculum partner can make sure we have time to do ministry and not just write great resources and material. I know many of you love to create, write, and develop resources but you still need to partner with an organization you believe in. We partner with several great organizations that create some amazing products that help us be better are sharing the gospel with this generation of kids and teens. This is not a post for any specific organization. You need to find an organization that you believe in and an organization that will listen to you when you have ideas. You need a curriculum partner. Here are a few reasons why…

  • You need a strategy not just curriculum. // You need a plan not just another Bible study. Partnering with an organization that makes great curriculum helps you find a plan you believe in.
  • Great curriculum takes hard work to create. // Great curriculum takes intense work from many people. Make sure as you are creating resources that you are balancing your need to focus on other needs in the ministry.
  • You need to avoid tunnel vision. // We all then to write and teach about what we are most passionate about. Having a curriculum partner ensures that we are pushed to teach with a wider perspective.
  • You are in the people business not the resource business. // Your volunteers need you to lead, not just create resources. Volunteers are never cool with us not returning emails or calls just so we can perfect the wording on that teaching script! They need you. Your church needs you. A curriculum partner can help you to have more people time.