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Training is always a big issue in any organization. How do you set up your team for success? How do you empower them to do ministry in your setting? You have to train in order to give your team direction. Many times I have planned training experiences only to have half the volunteers come. Yes, I lead in a church…my team is a volunteer team. Unlike Michael Scott calling a meeting in the TV show The Office, my team does not have to come. One way that we have found to maximize training times is to offer multiple training sessions on SUNDAYS when our team is already here. We just held one this week for our children’s ministry team and guess what…it worked again. Our team needs training but they need it in time and form that works for them. Short Sunday training sessions go a long way. We are also finding youtube to be a big help to allow volunteers to listen to training sessions anytime they need it. We have to meet our volunteer teams where they are at and create avenues for training that work. Taking up another night of our team’s week is not always the best way! Church leaders…what are some ways that are working for you?