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There is a moment in the life of Mary (mother of Jesus) when God sends an angel to speak to her. The angel is confident and has a specific message for Mary…a message she needs in the moment…a message that will shape her future. She hears the message and then she simply says this…

Luke 1:38 (NLT)
38  Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And then the angel left her.

Mary simply ask God to do what only God can do. Mary listened, had the courage to ask God questions (a few verses earlier), and then trusted God. This was not about Mary it was about God doing what God needed to do.

The past few months through scripture, other followers of Jesus, and prayer God has said some pretty outrageous things to me. I have had several of  those “really God” moments. Honestly I have questioned just like Mary did thousands of years ago. God how are you going to do what you are saying you are going to do? With my questions and doubt I know that ultimately when God speaks God does what He says He is going to do. I just have to keep moving forward and clinging to what God has already made clear!

As leaders there are times when we just have to respond to God with faith that asks God to do what only he can do. If God has spoken then it’s probably impossible to see as reality anyway. God’s plans are so much better than our best strategy or dream. When God speaks just embrace it and move forward!