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It’s really hit and miss with my writing schedule in the summer. I blog because I love to share ministry ideas and think out loud as I write. Camp and mission trip weeks consume everything. The week before and the event week are just slammed because I am working with our team to pull off the event and carve out time for my family. Busyness can really get in the way of the habit of writing. When you write regularly you feel bad for these seasons but it just has to be OK. I enjoy writing and it’s a regular part of my life but there are just times you have to step away. When these seasons hit there are a few things I try to do…

  • Give myself permission to take a break. // Because writing is a regular part of my life now taking a break feels like cheating. Truth is taking a break so you can focus on other things is not cheating.
  • Read what others are writing. // I may be too busy to write but I try to still keep up with what others are writing.
  • Take notes. // When I am on a break I still write down topic ideas in Evernote for writing later. Some great ideas some in seasons of intense ministry.
  • Start some posts but leave them as drafts. //  Write it quickly and then leave it. There will be time later to finish the post.