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snowball_fight_2_011311Our church is located in the south and we don’t have snow often. When we do have snow…it’s chaos! This past weekend our kids ministry team at our church had an amazing event planned for families. The team had invested hours and hours into every detail to make sure every family had an incredible experience. The day before the event an ice storm hit and wrecked all the plans. It was hard to work through but the team did an amazing job handling a difficult situation…

You are going to face the same situation at some point. You can’t control when weather goes crazy but when it does how you handle it as a ministry leader can build trust from parents. The next time weather wrecks your ministry event here are some reminders to help guide you through the process…

  1. Over-communicate to your volunteers and staff >> let your team know how and when you will make a call on how to deal with the weather. If your staff and volunteers are informed they can help parents know details!
  2. Think like a parent >> parents want great events for their kids and teens but they also value safety. Make sure your plans ensure a safe plan for families. I often even get feedback from parents before making any weather call.
  3. Seek advice from other church and community leaders >> don’t make adjustments in your plan without getting other perspectives.
  4. Evaluate the risk and make a confident decision >> at some point you just have to step out and give direction. Make the call with confidence and with plenty of time for everyone to adjust!
  5. Communicate using every platform available >> email, text, phone calls, a blog post, smoke signals…get the word out!
  6. Encourage your team >> make sure and encourage your volunteers who might have worked hard to make the event happen. You might not be able to do the event this year but maybe your work now will set you up for next year.

You can’t control the weather but you choose how you lead through the challenge. People will follow your lead so lead well and with confidence when weather strikes!