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There are seasons every year that are intense. Seasons where the work seams to never end, projects pile up, your iPhone won’t top dinging, and the pressure is on. I have come to the conclusion that this is just part of leading any ministry. There are times when you have to push hard because you are leading “that event” or pushing “that idea” that could be the key to reaching more people and making more disciples. For many of us who work with teens and kids, summer is one of those seasons that can get a little crazy. For our family ministry team we have several amazing events that we are working on because we want to carve out experiences that will help kids and teens know what it means to follow Jesus with all of their life. Summer is our time to pull these events off and we are all working hard to make them happen. We are also all working to prepare for fall when people get back to school and get back in a normal routine. Summer can get a little out of control. I can easily get overwhelmed. When you are at the overwhelmed stage here are a few steps that will help you keep leading effectively…

  • Block out solid blocks of time to work // When the work around you seems too much to handle block out time and get to work. Don’t answer emails, or talk on the phone…WORK. Protect blocks of time so you can focus and get things done.
  • Ask your other staff and volunteers for help // When you are overwhelmed you have to ask others to come around you and help. Your team wants to help but they can’t if they do not now you need it!
  • Manage your attitude and emotions // You control your attitude and you can work to manage your emotions. Self control is so important when we are stressed. When you choose to have a good attitude you are going to get more done and be ready to lead each day.
  • Don’t neglect rest, exercise,  prayer, and time reading God’s Word // I know you are busy but you have to care for your soul, mind and body in the middle of the crunch. Your strength comes for God, never forget that. You are not invincible so yes you need rest and exercise.
  • Use lists and prioritize // Write stuff down so you don’t forget important tasks. Also make sure and prioritize how you use your time. There are some things that just have to wait.