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One of the best parts of the Orange Conference every year is time to network and spend time with leaders from across the country striving to think Orange. There is no conference in the country that allows church leaders investing the next generation to unite like the Orange Conference. One of my favorite connections made through this conference came when I had the chance to hang out with Chad Swanzy who leads the student ministry at Gateway Community Church in Austin Texas. Chad also runs an incredible website called the Youth Leader Stash that allows student pastors to share ideas and resources. Chad has a passion to reach teens in Austin and I have enjoyed watching his team go for it. At Orange I was able to take some time and get Chad’s perspective on how our team at Relevant Student Ministry could rethink group life and community in our ministry. That connection came through the Orange Conference and I hope many of you out there will join us this April as we take time to process how we can reach this generation. We can do more and dream bigger when we collaborate and network. Make sure you have time set aside to get to a conference you are passionate about and make time to network and learn from other leaders. If you are out there on an island you have no one to blame but yourself.