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Where is everybody? Do you ever have those weeks or months in the ministry you lead? If you haven’t experienced it you will. This questions arrives every year during the “slow season.” Every church and ministry has these times in your calendar year when attendance slumps. For our team at Relevant Student Ministry our slow season is right now in March and April because of spring sports. In our community tons of kids are playing soccer, baseball, and running track. Sports + homework + school activities = a drain on our attendance. It happens every year and I can either recognize it…deal with it…or get frustrated. Here are some things to remember during the slow season for your ministry.

  • This is why we track attendance >> if you wonder why tracking attendance is important then welcome to the slow season! The only way to determine a dip in momentum or a slow season is to have the evidence in your numbers. Slow seasons have nothing to do with poor planning or poor leadership and everything to do with outside circumstances.
  • This is temporary >> remember this will be over soon…do not let a slow season get in the way of planning for what is next and creating great experiences for teens or kids. 
  • Invest in who is there >> go all out, pour into the lives of those kids that are there and at the same time let the kids who are busy know you miss them (maybe go catch a game, play, or school activity). The people that are there need you to invest in them…go for it.
  • Remind your team of the slow season and lead strong >> your volunteers will never remember the slow season factor so you will have to encourage them and remind them of what is going on. Slow seasons can be discouraging for volunteers so make sure and remind them what is going on!