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If you are the only person on your staff thinking about how to reach the next generation you probably won’t reach the next generation. Here is what might happen…

  • You will have no support to take the risks needed to reach the next generation
  • You will miss opportunities because you are blinded by the demands of week to week ministry to kids and teens
  • You will always be forced to give priority to the preferences of adults over teens and college students
  • When problems arise with kid, teen , or college ministry no one on your team will know why you do what you do…no one will have your back
  • Your kid’s/preschool ministry will be viewed as necessary babysitting so adults can do the important stuff
  • You will not be allowed to empower teens and college kids to serve NOW because they might not do things as well as a “mature” adult
  • I am pretty sure when budget time comes you will not have the support you need to gather the resources needed to reach the next generation

When it comes to reaching the next generation it has the be the overwhelming priority of the the entire church. Our greatest joy should flow out of seeing families, kids, preschoolers, teens, and college students love and follow Jesus with all their heart. Who’s job is it to reach the next generation…it’s our job…all of us! This week I have heard some amazing ideas about next generation ministry come from our co-pastors, small group pastor, and worship department. Great ideas from folks who are not on the family ministry staff…WOW! These are ideas that flow from a passionate team desiring to reach the next generation. If any church wants to reach the next generation the entire leadership structure better start caring, praying, sacrificing, dreaming, and doing whatever it takes to make it happen.