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Why build this set? Why put it up once a month and use all that volunteer time? Why fill the stage with actors, singers, dancers, and teachers? Why go to all this effort to create a service for families? BECAUSE…families are the greatest influence in a kids spiritual journey and we want to help them have a STARTING POINT each month for spiritual conversations they will have with their kids. Every Dad I know who is a Christ follower wants to see their kids follow Christ. The problem is that Dads have a hard time talking about spiritual stuff! Maybe it is because our Dads struggled to speak clearly into our lives and left that job to Sunday School teachers. At Cross Street Live we lay out an easy way for Dads and Moms to talk to their kids about faith. This is about families and we do this monthly event because families matter. We hope if you live in Clarksville you will load your kids up, come eat dinner at 5, and experience Cross Street Live at 5:30 @ Rossview High School. It is going to be an amazing night! (