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Why go to a conference? Good question! The children’s pastor on our team here at GCC is away at the C3 Kids conference at Fellowship Church this week and I have been reminded of all the reasons I think it is important for people leading in preschool, children, and student environments to get out and go to a conference each year. I know for tons of you out there you might have been asked why you need to take the time and spend the money on a conference so here is why I think it is important…

  • To surround yourself with people passionate about the investing in the next generation! I think many times we feel alone with our passion for kids, teens, and families in our local churches. Yes, there are more people out there than you think fighting the same battles you are. Sometimes you need to spend time with people passionate about what you are passionate about.
  • Evaluation…When we see what is going on in other ministries around the country it pushed us to evaluate where we are at and ask WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO?
  • Discovery…I love learning and for me a conference is a perfect time to shut everything else out and learn from other leaders.
  • Pause…At a conference we are engaging and learning but the best conferences give us time to pause and soak in time with God. Many of us who lead in kid or teen ministry are so pulled on Sunday’s we barely get to focus on connecting with God. Making time to hit a conference gives us time to pause and worship and maybe just maybe hear from God.
  • Team Building…For our family ministry staff we use conference time to just connect with and encourage each other. Our team has made some great memories as I have gotten us all lost in Atlanta looking for the Flying Biscuit to eat! Good times and good memories.
  • Planning...A conference gives us a chance to get away and plan for the church that has sent us away. When we go to a conference we are being sent by our church to learn, grow, and bring something back with us to add back into our context. God has used times away at a conference to help get my mind wrapped around some big plans he had coming up.