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This is a  picture of Grant Caldwell on our mission trip to New Orleans. Grant interned with our student ministry this summer and has done an amazing job. Grant also was a part of our student ministry as a high school student. Grant is a leader I’m mentoring. By mentoring I mean I’m investing in Grant as we live life together. I would call Grant a friend and mentoring comes natural when it’s not forced. Why do I believe mentoring matters? Mentoring matters because we advance the Kingdom of God when we empower and equip others to do ministry. Ministry is not a solo adventure. The Kingdom is God always advances from one life to another life. When we mentor another leader we allow our ministry DNA to impact future generations. We share who we are and what we know so that another leader can move forward father and go farther for the Glory of God. We mentor because the true measure of our ministry is not marked by buildings, budgets, or numbers but rather in the lives we invested in. No matter where you are on your ministry journey you need to start the process of mentoring other leaders. You are ready right now to not only be mentored by a leader but to also mentor someone else.