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Environments have to change if they are going to keep the attention of your target audience. This week at GCC we are going to reveal all kinds of changes. God has allowed us to do some amazing things here in Clarksville but we know He is not done. We can never look back and rely on the past to ensure future success. Just because something worked in the past does not mean it is the best plan for today or tomorrow. It is wild when you take time to look at how Jesus healed people in the New Testament. He was constantly doing different things. He touches a man, he speaks, he puts mud in someone’s eyes and he never sets a pattern on how to speak healing into someone’s life. He never sets a pattern. With that said, we tend to find patterns, habits, plans, and do these things over and over because at some point it worked. Change forces us to take risk. Change forces us to think through what we do and why we do it. Change grabs the attention of the people who walk in our doors each week. When things stay the same, stagnant, we tend to pay less attention. Our team hopes the changes we have made help capture people’s attention. It was so wild to sit together and break down what we do with each age group and evaluate. When we finished we had ideas, we prayed, we made changes, and Sunday we get to see what happens. We just never want to settle or get in a rut. It is going to be fun to see what God does!

This coming week we launch REMIX on our new night. We moved the student environment to Wednesdays; yes, that was one of our risks this year. This week we spent an entire day painting the space we use each week. 15 teens came and helped paint all day and we knocked it out. Why waist time painting in a building we do not own? We paint because environment matters, it needs to be attractive. Teens deserve more than leftovers and we want to give them the best we can with the tools God has given us. Thanks to all of you who helped paint, you guys are amazing!