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We are 13 days away from launching our second campus at Grace Community and then energy is high on our team. We are excited about this new adventure. This morning we commissioned our launch team heading out and it was an exciting reminder that this is real…this is really happening…after all the planning and prayer it is go time. Here are a few reasons why we are launching another campus and going multi-site.

  • People are looking for a place to go to church in their community! The Kenwood area is a community we get to become a part of.
  • We know we can never build one building that will reach this city, we have to provide local sites that will invest in different part of our city.
  • We have a partner in Kenwood High School that is excited about partnering with us and we are pumped about investing in that school.
  • We have the chance to empower an entire new volunteer team! Want more volunteers? Create a new adventure for them to join. We are pumped about new opportunities for people to serve.
  • We have a passion to engage a city and we feel God’s call on our team to move this direction.

We ran this video in our service this morning…this is where we are headed!