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2 years ago we launched a FX (family experience, we call it Cross Street Live) here at Grace Community Church. When it comes to partnering with parents…setting them up to be an influence at home…I think it is one of the best moves we have made. A family experience is a worship service where kids and parents worship together. We are getting ready for Cross Street Live this week and it got me thinking about why we do this experience for families.

  • We think it is a big deal for parents and kids to worship together each month.
  • We think it is a  big deal for kids and parents to laugh and learn at the same time.
  • We love creating conversation starters in the HOME…I promise, kids talk about our FX with their parents.
  • We get to help parents understand our virtue of the month.
  • We get to provide a MUST ATTEND EVENT for families…we kind of like to think it is better than Disney World! HA!
  • We get to empower actors to tell some amazing stories! We really love our actors!
  • We love having FUN.

Just go you can get a glimpse of some of the things we do check out this picture of the CSL NEWS TEAM and our promo video for this month.