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Right now you can sign up for a free series from XP3 Students and I hope you will check the FREE series out, it was one of our favorites here at Relevant. 3 1/2 years ago when we launched Relevant Student Ministry we had the chance to rethink youth ministry from top to bottom. We dreamed, planned, and recruited leadership with the vision of doing youth ministry in a way that would reach students and allow teens to live out their faith in the middle of their world. We wanted Relevant to be one part of their life…not the center of their life. We wanted to support our church not replace the church. We wanted to create a youth ministry that any teen in our city could be a part of because we feel teens deserve an amazing student ministry regardless where they to church on Sunday. Right off the bat we partnered with XP3 Students to provide series for our large group experience and small group resources for our leaders. 3 1/2 years later we are so thrilled we partnered with XP3 because we can see the difference it has made in the lives of students and families. Here are some reasons we love working with the team at XP3…

  • Small Group priority >> the xp3 team designs each series with the small group in mind. everything is filtered through how the topic will flesh out in the context of small group. we have seen real life change happen in our small groups and we are stoked to work with a team who values it’s importance.
  • Freedom to plan for our ministry >> with XP3 we can schedule our series in any order we need. We know what direction our teens need to head and the flexibility to schedule for our ministry is great.
  • Amazing graphics, video bumps, and large group ideas >> you will not find better graphics, video bumps, and large group resources out there and all of it is available to use for promo with your online presence!
  • More time to focus on what matters most for our team >> when we collaborate with XP3 our staff has more time to focus on what is most important to the team. Every element of our ministry gets better when we collaborate and work with another team!
  • Multi-site enabler >> We are one ministry with two locations. Xp3 enables a multi-site youth ministry to stay connected!
  • XP3 listens and supports our ministry >>when we have ideas to offer or have questions about how the XP3 strategy and curriculum works the team at XP3 is always ready to help. That is what a partnership is about…working together to reach students.