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OK, if you ever come to surf City you have to hit this restaurant. This is our 3rd year vacationing here and we have eaten at this place 5 times and every time I am blown away. The odd thing is that they really have their own groove, limited choices on the menu, and some quirky things that other restaurants do not have. The food and the atmosphere is so good I just never remember all these differences. I get reminded every time I come back that I have to adapt to their way of doing things if i want to eat. I just have to adjust and it is so worth the adjustment! Just a few things that are different. They do not separate checks for any group, no questions asked. They only serve bottled drinks and you pay by the bottle! They have no kids menu (you just plan and adapt). They just have seafood, nothing else (well maybe one chicken option). With all of these things tat are odd it is still amazing and our family always walk away with a great experience.

Ok I love the place BUT It just reminded me that when you offer an experience that is amazing people will adapt to how you run your organization, church, or business. You can only ask people to step out of the norm if you are willing to offer an experience that is worth them going through the process that your organization, church, or business demands of the customer. When you encounter excellence and the product is amazing you will come back, you will adjust. I did!

Last thing…the new batman movie is amazing. Chelsea and I got to go on a little date today and saw the flick. Loved it!